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Transfer to the port Bandera
Rio Ice Express
navigation Lacustre

Glaciar Upsala, Glaciar Spegazzini Y Glaciar Seco

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09hours duratiòn

In a lacustrine navigation experience the awesome magnitude of the Glaciers in all their splendor from the water. Navigate the surroundings of the Upasala Glacier, the Spegazzini and the Seco Glacier. TOTAL DURATION: 9 hs. DEPARTURE: 07:00 hs. from your hotel in El Calafate RETURN: 3:00 p.m. to your hotel in El Calafate

Price Navigation:


LESS (7 A 16): U$D 34,00

LESS (0 A 6)  free.

Price Transfer:

Transfers FROM YOUR HOTEL to Puerto Bandera

round trip

x1 pasajero:   U$D 55,00

x2 pasajeros: U$D  27,50 c/u

x3 pasajeros: U$D 30,00 c/u

x4 pasajeros: U$D 20,00 c/u

Lunch Box

AR$ 290 from your hotel.


U$D 17,00 / 17,00

IT INCLUDES: Transfer to

Puerto Bandera

IT DOES NOT INCLUDE: Navigation Entrance to P.N.


Glaciers Foreigners: $ 600 Argentine Residents: $ 310

Under 6 to 12 years old: $ 150 Argentine pensioners and pensioners: Without


charge Lunch Box Captain Vip


Children from 0 to 6 years old Free navigation. They only pay for transfer Under 0 to 2 Free transfer Take Lunch Box


Passengers wishing to visit the Perito Moreno Glacier after returning from the Rio excurcion Ice Express (14hs.) May do so, taking advantage of the day. Remember that tiket already paid admission to national parks for navigation have vijencia throughout the day, so do not ABONARIAN admission to National Park again to see the Perito Moreno Glacier. The distance from Puerto Bandera Glacier is 40 km. I mean, that 15hs approximately may be walking the catwalks. Returning to the city of El Calafate when you dispose it.
Remember schedules of National Parks from the month of October are from 08:00 to 20:00 to enter.

More information
From your hotel in El Calafate, around 7:00 am the tour starts 45 km to the port of Punta Bandera on Lake Argentino, the starting point of navigation that starts at 09:00 am.

You should have own vehicle must be presented at the port of Punta Bandera at 8:30 Am.
Once on board, then the passengers are informed about the safety and sailing conditions, sarparan.
Start navigating through the North Arm of Lake Argentino where they can see spectacular floes huge size and varied forms and various blue hues.

Visit the North Arm of Lake Argentino.
Visit the Canal Upsala Glacier and its iceberg barrier.
Visit the Spegazzini Canal, where you can observe the Seco Glacier to reach the front of the highest Spegazzini Glacier National Park.

The boat returns to the port of Punta Bandera at 14.00 approximately.

From there we began our return to El Calafate, arriving at 15:00.

For those passengers who wish to make the trip a more exclusive way, also it offered the Captain's Club (VIP Club Captain). This room with capacity for 18 people can make the trip in a more exclusive way and includes hot and cold drinks and pastry tasting during the tour while enjoying a unique panoramic view of the glaciers.

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