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Walk  On 

 Glaciar   Perito  Moreno

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10hs duratiòn

THE BEST OPTION TO KNOW THE PERITO MORENO GLACIER !! Sailing against the south wall of Perito Moreno Glacier: very close to appreciate the ice wall and take photographs. Walk on the glacier ice: We put crampons and walking! We walk the catwalks: to enjoy the Glacier from all angles.


Age: 10 to 65 years Bring Lunch Box Clothing: comfortable, warm clothing, waterproof jacket or windbreaker, cordoned sports shoes or hiking boots. No rubber boots allowed, apres ski or high heels. Sunglasses, sunscreen, gloves, hat for sun or warm to cold case.


Transfer Puerto Bajo de

the shadows, information.

3 hours of walk in waltways!!!


Navigation Hike on the ice Entrance to the National Park Glaciers

Lunch Box


After returning from the tour we dirijiremos the industry gateways To see the Peritro Moreno Glacier about 2hrs. Then we return to the city of El Calafate. The departure time depends on the assigned shift. TOTAL TIME: 10am. National Park entrance: Argentina AR $ 310 / Mercosur AR $ 250 / $ 600 Foreign AR / passbook Students and pensioners NOT PAY - Rates in PESOS ARG. The income aranseles National Park must be paid at time of entry. Note: Park entrance values ​​are subject to the regulations of the National Park Administration, which will be updated to the current at the date of excursion value. Remember schedules of National Parks from the month of October are from 08:00 to 20:00 to enter

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From your hotel, we began the journey of 70 km to the Port of Shadows Under the Rico Arm of Lake Argentino, starting point for trekking excursions on the Perito Moreno glacier. There he embarks to reach the opposite bank of the Magallanes Peninsula. The sailing time is about twenty minutes. In the navigation way or return the boat is approaching considerably the glacier wall to assess the actual proportion of it and get unique photos. After landing, you enter the shelter where expert guides lead the group, approx. 20 people, through a coastal path by which up after about 30 minutes of walking, to the south bank of the glacier. In this place, and always helped by experts, metallic nails are placed in shoes, necessary to perform the walk on the ice. the basic technique for use and a brief chat about the glacial genesis, flora and fauna regional offers are also explained. From there, it begins to slowly ascend the glacier, for a journey of about two hours counting with occasional stops for taking pictures. It is a unique opportunity to appreciate the different formations of the glacier: sinkholes, cracks, seracs, small lagoons, and the various shades of ice that are a show in themselves.

The hike is moderate. The ice surface over which you walk is irregular, but firm and safe. At the end of the walk on ice, you return to the shelter by an alternative path through the exuberant Magellanic forest, which allows for a different view of the glacier. For those passengers including transfer, after arriving at Puerto Bajo de las Sombras will be transferred by bus 6 kilometers from the famous Perito Moreno balconies, to walk the catwalks. Finally, the way back to the city of El Calafate is undertaken at approximately 18.00 pm.

This tour because of the physically demanding and difficult terrain is only suitable for people between 10 and 65 years of age and possess an acceptable physical condition, considering that walk about 4 hours in total, between ice and forest. It is not advisable for overweight people.

EXCLUDINGFor pregnant women, people suffering from diseases with risk of functional or organic deterioration while driving, and people with disabling diseases in relation to coordination and motor skills.

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